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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions from shoppers.

1. Do you require a deposit for pre-orders?
Answer: Yes and no, deposits of 20% are usually required for more expensive pre-order products, for example Hot Toys 1/6 figures yes, but for example Funko POP figures no.

2. Are deposits deducted from the total price?
Answer: yes, of course, the amount of the deposit is subsequently deducted from the order price.

3. If I order goods from the pre-sale with different storage dates, will you send me the whole order at once?
Answer: if the dates differ within days, we naturally try to send the entire order at once, however, if the differences are longer, due to the limited capacity of the warehouse, the orders are sent separately including postage. Nevertheless, we try to always leave more goods at once.

4. I ordered goods in stock and a pre-order, will you wait for the pre-order and send the whole order at once?
Answer: see question number 3.

5. Do you offer installment sales?
Answer: yes, for pre-sale goods, it is possible to split payments so that the total price is paid before the goods are stored and shipped.

6. I ordered goods with a date, but now the date on the website is different, what does this mean?
Answer: the dates may change if the manufacturer changes the date for the introduction of after-sales / stocking, for example for production or distribution reasons. Nevertheless, these changes do not always apply to already ordered goods, the change can only apply to new orders. Therefore, we recommend contacting support at for individual cases

7. Is the specified pre-sale date the date when I will run out of goods?
Answer: no, this is a preliminary date for stocking at the manufacturer or in distribution, and given that the goods always travel from abroad, it may take several weeks for these news to reach us if the manufacturer distributes the goods other than by air.

8. Am I absolutely sure that the limited edition pre-sale goods will arrive?
Answer: here the answer is a bit more complicated. In the vast majority of cases, yes, but there are also products that are only produced in hundreds of pieces worldwide, and here the decisive factor is the time when the customer orders. Nevertheless, we can proudly say that we have always managed to cover almost all orders.

9. I want pre-sale goods for a certain date, can you guarantee delivery on time?
Answer: although we try to ship the goods as quickly as possible (basically the same day they arrive from the manufacturer), sometimes manufacturers can change the delivery date, see question no. 6, and therefore we recommend ordering alternative goods in stock or available within 5-10 days.

10. I changed my mind about the pre-order and I don't want it anymore, what should I do?
Answer: Although we understand that you may change your mind or preferences over time, or other circumstances may lead you to do so, orders are binding. The order can be cancelled, but you will forfeit the deposit, which will be used to pay the manufacturer's cancellation fee. Alternatively, if you ordered cheaper goods where a deposit is not required, a deposit will be required in the future.

11. I ordered the goods but did not receive them (for various reasons).
Answer: In this case, the goods can be sent again, but only against payment by transfer and a second postage is charged. Any other orders cannot be shipped until the lost shipping costs are compensated. However, this issue is more complex and we approach individual cases individually, however, in case of non-acceptance, we recommend that you contact us by email or by phone at +420737101206 and agree on the next procedure

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