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Sběratelské předměty, repliky zbraní a oblečení offers the best collectibles. Now we have the best collectible statues from Queen Studios, who make probably the most realistic statues out there. Queen Studios uses medical silicone in the production of some models which achieves maximum authenticity. For example legendary life-size bust of Loki, thanks to the technology used the absolute likeness of the actor Tom Hiddleston is achieved. There is of course a very small limitation and a very high price tag but the reward is absolute pinnacle of the current collecting scene. You can find the complete range of available statues from Queen Studios on the e-shop!

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Harry Potter needs no introduction, since the first novel from the pen of the now world-famous writer Joanne Rowling in 1997, the likeable and fearless young wizard conquered the world! Orphaned Harry Potter, who lost his parents who defended him from the dark Voldemort, lives with his cruel aunt until his eleventh birthday, when he learns that he has been enrolled in the world-famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry since birth. At that moment, his life changes completely, he meets true friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, great teachers like Dumbledore and finds part of his long-lost family. Here at Jedishop, we are huge fans of Harry Potter stories, which is why you can find wonderful Harry Potter collectibles such as Harry Potter wands in many designs or luxurious replicas from the wizarding world of Harry Potter such as Nimbus 2001 in life size and many other original merch items. Whether you're a fan of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius, Dumbledore, Voldemort, or perhaps Lenka the Shooter, every fan can choose from our offer!

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Welcome to the pages of the JediShop online store, which specializes in Anime, Star Wars, and other legendary movie legends. In this e-shop you will find original collectibles from all possible industries, from figurines to weapon replicas. Movie and TV series fans will find their own here, as they will be delighted by movie replicas of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars objects, or the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Comic book enthusiasts who love classic action figures and figurines of Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor and the Avengers will also find something for themselves. Lovers of Japanese anime will be excited by brands such as the legendary One Piece, Naruto, Hatsune Miku, Infinitive Stratos, Sailor Moon and, for example, the iconic Dragon Ball. If you like stylish fashion, you will be pleased with the wide range of original t-shirts printed with many world-famous licenses such as Marilyn Monroe, Godfather, Top Gun, Big Lebowski, Scarface and many others. In short, JediSHOP is the gateway to the world of figurines, and every fan will understand that this is a real collector's paradise! Fanatical computer game players, as well as occasional game enthusiasts, will appreciate the licensed merchandising of Assassins Creed, Minecraft, Call of Duty, League of Legends, World of Tanks, Counter Strike, DOTA 2 and many others.

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In addition to collectibles, we also offer original carnival costumes with movie and historical themes from different periods, from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages to the far future. It doesn't matter whether you like fantasy-sci-fi or you are a believer of absolute realism, our costumes can be completed with a wide range of costume accessories such as masks and special effects, and if you want to look really special, complete the costume with an official movie replica such as a lightsaber and you can look like the mighty Darth Vader from the Star Wars world, for example! Replicas of historical weapons such as historical swords, samurai katanas and Roman gladius are a real treat. also offers exclusive Samurai swords for fans of historical fencing and Eastern martial arts. The expanded offer of Weapon Replicas allows you to find not only movie and comic book collectibles, but also traditional historical ones in one store!

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Street Fighter is undoubtedly one of the greatest arcade fighting legends that defined its own genre. Street Fighter, together with Mortal Kombat and Tekken, have always been the most played slot games, which were subsequently converted to game consoles and PCs. Characters like Ken Masters, Ryu, Blanka, Guile and Chun-Li are definitely some of the most popular fighting game characters! That's why Jedishop brings original Street Fighter collectibles to Street Fighter fans! In our offer, you will find a Street Fighter game t-shirt that will please a player of any age, because Street Fighter is a term among all generations of computer game players! Street Fighter collectible figurines are then primarily intended for older Fighters who remember playing Street Fighter on arcade machines on pilgrimage and consider Street Fighter to be the rightful king of the genre. For smaller fans, we bring original Street Fighter action figures in articulated and non-articulated versions! Street Fighter is still sizzling and also thanks to crosscover versions such as Street Fighter X Tekken or Marvel vs. Capcom is familiar with this gaming legend even to the latest generations of players, and thanks to our offer of Street Fighter merchandise, you will discover another magic of gaming collectibles.