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Pure Blood Device Statue 1/6 Rossweisse 25 cm

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Pure Blood Device Statue 1/6 Rossweisse 25 cm Rocket Boy
This product has already been sold
Manufacturer:Rocket Boy
Price with VAT : 212,70 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:Sold Out
Téma: Pure Blood Device
Typ produktu: Statues
?The traditional chastity belt is a proof of the elite ... Transformation with a key!Absolutely pure-blooded! !?
Presenting the collaboration of Mochi and Grizzly Panda is now available for you to enjoy endlessly!

Rossweisse comes from?Pure Blood Device?the project made together by Mochi and Grizzly Panda.
With her interchangeable parts, no doubt you can strip her naked as you wish!
How can you resist such a cheerful and confident demeanor?
She is always so eager to please you....will you go with her alone to the otherside?

Indulge in the moment...enjoy the never-ending happiness you will surely experience!
Guaranteed she'll show you what she is hiding all this time!

Her collar can be connected to ?Brynhildr?the previous figure that has been out for sale!

? The lead chain that can be attached to the collar is included with Brynhildr.

Do you need advice? Pure Blood Device Statue 1/6 Rossweisse 25 cm Rocket Boy

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