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Marvel Q-Fig Diorama Storm (X-Men) 10 cm

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Marvel Q-Fig Diorama Storm (X-Men) 10 cm Quantum Mechanix
Manufacturer:Quantum Mechanix
Price with VAT : 13,65 €
VAT:20 %
Availability:objednej nyni, obdrzis za 6-12 dni
Téma: Marvel
Typ produktu: Mini-figures
Our Storm Q-Fig diorama showcases Ororo Munro as she summons lightning with her psionic ability to control the weather. Storm rides the air currents over her X-Men logo base, gliding into battle with the power of the elements on her side. Featured in her classic Jim Lee-designed costume, don't be surprised if it starts raining in your house when you remove her from the box.

This QMx Q-Fig Diorama captures Storm's powers from every angle with hand-painted details and an X-Men display base. Storm stands 4 inches tall including the base.

Ororo Munro, code-named Storm, is a powerful mutant with the ability to manipulate the weather and atmospheric phenomena. She can summon wind, rain, snow and lightning, as well as control solar winds and ocean currents. Admired for her calm intelligence and enlightened leadership as much as for her formidable powers, Storm has inspired those around her (and many of her readers) to greatness.

Storm is just one in our series of Marvel Q-Fig Dioramas, so be sure to check out the rest of our amazing superheroes and villains. Collect them all and display them together!

It stands approx. 10 cm and comes in a window box.

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